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Friend Words About an Awesome Friend – Words with Friends / Friend :

Many times I tried to run away from problems, I could not imagine my presence at some misery or weird situation where I don’t know how to react. It happened many times. A junior, when I was in 10th standard, who is gifted with high intelligence but with a behavior who is not fit for this society. He don’t know what is stage fear. Such an amateur student, he is used to participate in any occasion where there is a scope for elocution throughout his schooling. Such an innocent but bright minded fellow. Sometimes I used to observe him, sometimes I used to have a little chat with him. Later I’m done with my 10th standard. So back then we had a tradition to give our text books, guides, notes, previous question paper bundles to our juniors. I gave my books to that non-local junior instead of giving them to any junior who is from same village where I come from. Somehow I like this guy because he is not a usual topper of any class who always crave for 1st rank, who mug up anything and everything for 1st rank, who by heart the answers from guides. He is not that type, he loves to understand the subjects, loves to read text books, loves to know many magical things in science. After my 10th class I got selected for 6 years integrated course in AP IIIT, where as he got

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491 marks in his 10th and joined in Diploma with the stream of Civil Engineering. I used to see him every now and then when I go by his village to Pulivendula. If he is near I used to say hi but mostly I just go without meeting him for a long talk. I don’t know why but I never think of meeting him again. What happened to him was dismally not correct oh! God.

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After his 10th class his mom died or gone somewhere due to mental illness (I didn’t dare to ask him) before that he was already a kid who has no father. They are three brothers and he is the second one. Elder brother is a guy who has no education, drug addict roams here and there in village with his idiotic friends. His younger brother I’ve no clue of him. His mother’s separation troubled his innocent mind. Within short span he fell mentally ill. It took his one and half years of life to recover from it. The next one and half years he could able to concentrate on his diploma and finished it with a decent percentage of 75. He took a year gap for no reason. Then he wrote E-set Exam got 1000 rank but unable to attend to counselling due to lack of information as he is not having a mobile to contact any friends or officers. So like that the next year also gone.

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Then next year he took E-set Exam again that is this year. He spent three years after diploma for no good cause. I’ve seen him walking on his village roads that are connected to Pulivendula. I wonder why god cursed this beautiful mind to these circumstances. I couldn’t help but sitting behind on my father’s bike and hide myself from this dismal phase of his. It has been 7 years since my 10th standard in 2009 and 6 years for him since his 10th in 2010.

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After my I tried something which does not fetch me a full pledged job. So as a jobless guy I come home time

and again and go to city for a period of time and then come home again. In between all these crucial days where I didn’t realize my strengths to prepare for specific sector of jobs I wondered like a vagabond. A few days back I came home again that is in the month of May’16. When I was returning from a bank on some work along with my father on the road which connects his village I saw him walking on road alone under hot sun. This time I just wanted to ‘Let it go’. I asked my dad to stop and said ‘I’ll come later’ and I walked towards him then we wished each other sat under a shady Neem tree beside the road. Discussed for hours about many things. And I came to know all these things that I mentioned above. He became mentally ill due to his mother’s separation from him forever. And he recovered and could able to finish diploma in time. He loves civil Engineering, he is good at Strength of Materials and many of his civil subjects, he goes to daily wage works in fields, he speaks Telugu with such a clarity in pronunciation of words makes you feel how wonderful to speak in perfect Telugu when you  totally lost the soul of a mother tongue due to English. He speaks with such an innocence, his heart is still as

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fresh as an eternal flower. When he says all the names of his classmates, my classmates, my seniors, about their whereabouts, on the other hand I couldn’t even remember some of my own classmates’ names, the incidents, talks happened between him and me, and even lessons from lower classes, that his love towards science and maths, I wondered ‘how could he remember every small detail?’ when everybody made a mad man out of him for no reason, he don’t feel sad about it, he don’t mind it actually. He just let it go. He has no hard feelings for what is destiny done to him. He still has confidence to evolve

himself, wants to finish his graduation to become engineer, such a confident minded guy he is. When he talks about life after all these hurdles he came across, other side I’m the guy who read many books in college, be it novel or motivational, what I gained is little English to talk or write but not the will power to achieve something, I can see a philosopher in him.

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After all that talk one question raised in my mind, ‘what if he has mom and dad like everybody else who look after him, care for him, support him for his higher education. He must be a graduate by this time, more than that he would have already got selected for a job in in his Favorite Civil Engineering. Or he might have cracked GATE exam and busy in applying for IIT or something. With his extraordinary oratory skills he would have mastered himself in English speaking also. He would have done many things which we unable to do besides all this support we have! What if he has mobile like everyone else? What if he has a chance to access to internet which can be a best teacher or a monster to anyone? He would have known many things, with his interests in general things, current affairs he might have busy with preparing for IAS or something!

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I wish I could help him, but with what? Nothing. I gave him my number for any information he wants to seek, to apply for anything. Actually he helped me in lieu of mine to him. He has done something to me. I wanted to do something, want to get the fruit of success in life. I know, the god who creates decease also knows how to cure it. Let the times roll, be it good or bad!

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