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What is SEO ? Awesome Guide on Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO ? Awesome Guide on Search Engine Optimization : Hi Buddy , These days everyone who works with the internet or any web developer / blogger should know the SEO Strategies. If not you can’t develop well in the internet market. It is one of the most important topic in digital marketing topics . If you want to know the importance of seo in blogging & the best seo tips to success in blogging this seo article is so useful . First You have to understand the concepts of basic seo terms : On – Page Optimization , Off-Page Optimization , White Hat Techniques , Black Hat Techniques etc..,

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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization Means :

In simple words SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is actually a process of website optimization to make the website/blog content search engine friendly or Rank a website easily in Google or Bing or Yandex etc.., To enhance the visibility of webpages across Bing , Google , Yandex , Ask etc.., just follow my best 2016 SEO Basics along with the Latest Updated 2015 SEO tricks ,tips & Basics etc to increase ..,

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Why SEO Important ?? Best SEO Tricks , Tips & Techniques For Beginners :

If you know about the web development then you can easily understand the concepts SEO & it’s strategies. I can simply say SEO is to improve Website Ranking in order to rank high in Any Search Engine Results. SEO is mainly to get the organic traffic with the help of keywords. SEO will Optimize SERP of a Website.

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Main Concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are :

  • On Page Optimization ( On Page SEO )
  • Off Page Optimization ( Off Page SEO )
  • White Hat SEO Techniques
  • Black Hat SEO Techniques
  • Search Engine Ranking

On Page Optimization – On Page SEO ( SEO inside Page ) :

On Page Optimization includes the SEO activity inside the Page. It involves writing high quality genuine content by integrating some high ranking keywords at some particular places. Using Headings – H2,H3,H4,H1 Formats with eye catchy Words along with the keyword density maintenance. This all comes under On Page Optimization of SEO. It is just the internal SEO activity inside the page – so called ON PAGE SEO OPTIMIZATION .

Off Page Optimization – Off Page SEO ( SEO Outside Page ) :

This Off Page SEO Optimization involves activity outside the page , so called Off Page Optimization . It is just to increase the popularity in the Online Search Engine World . It involves Link Exchanging , Link Building Techniques . Link Building Techniques involves obtaining links from blogs/websites , Social Media Sharing ( Submitting links to , Google+ , , Linkedin , Digg , Reddit , StumbleUpon , Pinterest etc.., ) & Submitting links to Open Directories to get Search Engine Popularity .

White Hat SEO Techniques – Acceptable Techniques by Online Authorities (ex : Bing/Google Search Engine etc..,):

White Hat SEO Techniques are the techniques which are recommended and accepted by most of all Search Engines like Google , Bing , Yandex , DuckDuckGo , Ecosia , Exalead , Gigablast , Munax , Qwant , Yahoo etc.., Creating Content by targeting users rather than targeting Search Engine comes under White Hat SEO Technique . Writing Genuine Content By removing the Expected or Unexpected Plagiarism inside the article , Using Particular rank-able keywords using your own strategies. You should select keywords based on the Popularity , Competition , density factors etc.., Use White Hat SEO Techniques , you will be benifited for long time if you rank on search engines.

Black Hat SEO Techniques – Techniques Denies By Search Engines :

Black Hat SEO Techniques involves tricking the Search Engines in a Smart Way to Earn Money Easily by using the Search Engine Strategy. It is nothing but knowing the loop holes of Search Engine and making the search engine to work for them very easily. But this techniques is not valid for long time because search engines updates their algorithms each and every year. So don’t go with Black Hat Techniques if you don’t know well about the search engines.

It involves : 

  • Cloaking : Showing one type of page to google or other but showing another page to Users.
  • Door Way Pages Creation : Low Quality Pages stuffed with many keywords.
  • Keyword Stuffing : Using Lots & Lots of Keywords inside the article , Using unrelated keywords
  • Meta Tag Stuffing : Using Lot of Unrelated Meta Tags
  • Easy Keyword Ranking : Ranking Keywords using several different type of websites , URL ‘s etc..,

Search Engine Ranking :

Ranking Keywords in Search Engines are called Search Engine Ranking . But to do this we have to use many strategies like On Page SEO , Off Page SEO etc , Spam Indexing ( Black Hat SEO ) , Genuine Google Indexing ( White Hat SEO ).., I know many blogging bees  are facing problems with ranking . My Suggestion for Newbies are don’t quit , wait for some time & use only white hat seo , Otherwise Algorithms like Google Penguin Update may spoil your hard work.

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I hope this content is some what useful for your search. This is all about what is seo & Different types of SEO Techniques .

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