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Where Do Deleted Files Go & How to Secure Data – Know the Secrets of Computer

Where Do Deleted Files Go & How to Secure Data by Trespassing the Recovery Softwares : When Stalin thought Strotsky was a threat then Stalin decided & removed him from the photographs by using some kind of software. But the Question is where do those deleted files go.

photo removal software

Persons Removed By Using Softwares – Unwanted Person Removal softwares from Photographs :

unwanted person removal software

The Google Ngram Viewer allows you to search words and phrases in 6.2 million books which are published between 1500 – 2016 . 1979 is the Year we used word ” Delete ” first rather than the word ” Erase “. We can use any word for that but how does the Computer Forgets any file or software or document etc..,
We know when we delete a file , the file is still in the trash ( temporary directory ). You can get your file back to the original place just by right clicking and then using put back or restore back operation. Trash is just like a type of purgatory . But when you empty the trash computer shows that you can’t undo the file or other.

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Where Do Deleted Files Go – Secret of Computers :

If you delete the file from trash ( permanent delete ) , the physical space which is occupied by the file isn’t empty . It is marked as empty.

But what actually the computer do is : It will remove the pointers which actually points to the required file or other . But the file is in the original place from the file is permanently deleted.
Example : Take a book with table of contents and the contents. If one of the chapters are marked as empty with a sheet of paper. We see that it is marked as empty. It is not pointing to the actual chapter content. But the content is in the book.

But Data Recovery Scientists or Experts will recover the data by searching the data which is marked as empty by using Data Recovey Softwares.
Example : We search the empty marked table of contents in the book, there we will find the actual content.

What to do to Complete Remove a File without a Chance to Recovery ??

Simple thing is Just Overwriting the Data where the file is actually deleted. So that the present data and deleted data will mixed up together without knowing to you but when the deleted files recovered most of all the files they got are overwritten , that means only partial data will be recovered by the data recovery experts.

What are Bad Sectors ??

These are parts of the drive that device can’t access because of failed transistors , physical damage and overwrite won’t be able to reach them in any data . That means whatever the data put there stays there . So many top Governments like USA , UK , Canada , Japan , Europe etc.., often send electronic waste to dumps like Ghana in order to secure from data thefting risks. Ghana is the Earth’s Digital Dumping Ground but why ??

how to secure data

One of the Famous Electronic Dumping Area

Because it is cheaper to send unsalvagable electronics to africa marked as donation then it is properly recycled them. But in these electronic dumps the files can still brought back to life if one have a lot of effort.

Organized Criminals has operated and successfully recovered data from unregulated electronic dumps. They found confidential Multi – Million Dollars Digital Data too. I can say shredding the paper of the most secret data isn’t safer according to my way. ( Ex : CIA of US recovered the several confidential data from the shreds of paper by using a unshredding software on their advance computers at 1979 ).

how to recover data

Recovered Scripture by CIA in 1979

According to me Data is similar to the Energy more often . One thing i can say is you can never remove energy & You can’t remove data but you can corrupt it upto some percentage levels like energy transformations.

This is all about ” Where do deleted files go , What are Bad Sectors , How to Secure Data ?? “.

**Note : Over writing the data is the only thing to secure the data or else burn the electronics.

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