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5 Secret Whatsapp Tricks

The messaging service which gives people more interactive to ways to do messaging, a messaging service which makes other service like BBM to looks boring its none other than whatsapp.

In today’s modern era there are many messaging services but whatsapp is dominating all of them just because of its user friendly features and its new advance technology which force people to use it.

Today I am going to share 5 secrets WhatsApp tricks which you might don’t know but you will love it definitely.

  1. How to send a public message privately?

So you have lots of friends in your whatsapp friend list and wanted to ask something or wanted to share your plan with each one? How you gone do it? Sending the message one by one? Wait check out this trick

You can send a broadcast message to a list of contacts with it appearing as though you’ve asked them individually. Saves your lots of time 😛

iOS: Chats > Broadcast Lists > New List > Add contacts

Android: Chats > Menu > New Broadcast

2.     Your message is read but nobody replied

When you sent message to someone and after some time you got blue tick on that message but you don’t know that actual time when that message was read? So for that you can just follow this trick and find out how long you have ignored by someone.

iOS: Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Swipe left to right

Android: Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Press and hold > Tap the info “i” icon at the top

3.     Hide your profile picture

So you have decided that you will upload your whatsapp profile pic with your GF but wait there might be people who might see that pic. So to resolve that you might use this trick and saves the day

iOS & Android: Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo

  1. Mark chats as unread
    Sometime we are in hurry and mistakenly read the chat which we don’t want to read and after sometime we completely forget about it and just because of it we might have to face problems in our life.. but you can follow these steps to solve this issue.

iOS: Chats >  Swipe left to right > Mark as Unread

Android: Long press chat > Open Menu > Mark as Unread

5.     Hide the blue ticks

Sometime we mistakenly we read the message and forgot to reply but as we know that when you read the message it gets blue tick which might get you in trouble. Especially when you GF 😛 so we can resolve this issue by following this whatsapp trick.check this also GBWhatsapp

iOS: Settings > Account > Privacy > Toggle off Read Receipts.

Android: Settings > Account > Privacy > Untick Read Receipts.

Hope you all enjoyed these tricks and will implement these while using your whatsapp. Please comment down and let me know if I can help you by anyway.


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