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5 Tips to Maintain Mannequins at Your Retail Store

5 Tips to Maintain Mannequins at Your Retail Store – Male Mannequin & Female Mannequin

Mannequins are the perfect display sets to display fashion garments at your retail store. They help your customers in visualising the clothes that you are offering. Mannequins also help you to decorate your store by making it a great display window of clothing. Mannequins can also be taken as marketing tool for your business to promote your products by displaying it in a stylish way. As mannequins are so important of your business, so they must be taken good care of by you.  Mannequins are fragile item and can be damaged so it’s very necessary to take care of them so you can get maximum out of your investment which you have done on these display sets. Here are few tips about how you can maintain your mannequins’ collection and keep them fresh looking.

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5 Tips to Maintain Mannequins at Your Retail Store – Male Mannequin & Female Mannequin :

tips to maintain mannequins

tips to maintain mannequins


  • When you buy a new mannequin you must unpack it with extra care. Before assembling body parts of mannequin make it sure that your hands are clean and dry. Doing it with dirty hands, can leave permanent stains at your mannequin. The assembly process of body parts should be done with gentle hands. If you will force the body parts while assembling, you can damage your whole mannequin so be careful at this stage. If you have not done it before then you must read the instruction manual first.
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  • While dressing your mannequin don’t use clothing with tight fittings because in this way you will have to force mannequin which can bend its body parts. Another alternate you can use is sticking clothes with mannequins with help of scotch tape or pins.
  • Another tip you can use while dressing your mannequin is uninstalling body parts. Removing one leg or one hand of your mannequin can make dressing it simple and easy. It can also save your mannequin from any damage caused by tight clothing. After dressing your mannequin you can reinstall the removed body part again.
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    male mannequin

    male mannequin


  • After dressing up mannequin now it’s time to place it at suitable place. Before displaying it you must make it sure that the base of mannequin is perfectly attached and working smoothly. You must display your mannequin at some plain surface and make it sure that it is standing firmly. Another thing you should take care of while choosing display place is you must display your mannequin at some indoor place where it can be safe from direct sunlight. If it’s necessary to display it at some outdoor place then try to use a cheaper plastic body mannequin instead of expensive fabric made mannequin.
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  • To maintain your mannequin’s fresh look it’s very necessary to keep it clean. You can use a simple surface cleaner and can clean your mannequin with a clean cloth. The surface cleaner will help to give extra shine to your display set. Regular cleaning of mannequin is very necessary otherwise dust can permanently stick on it and can fade its fresh look.
  • Some mannequins in market are also available with bendable features. These poseable mannequins have movable arms and legs which are moved with the help of metal joints. These joints need proper grease to work smoothly so to maintain your articulated mannequin’s functionality you must keep greasing its joints. After greasing your mannequin, make it sure that the body of it is clean otherwise grease can leave stains on clothing being displayed on it.
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    maintain mannequins

    how to maintain mannequins in retail stores


Once you have used your mannequins for several years and looking for a new fresh collection of latest mannequins then it’s time to dispose off. I am adding this section to my article because i think it’s critical to dispose mannequins effectively so it don’t cause environmental pollution. As you know that most of the mannequins are made of plastic which can cause environmental issues if you don’t dispose them off properly. Basically there are two ways to dispose your old mannequins. You can hand over it to a plastic recycling company as a scrap or can resell it on classified ads sites. There are many classified ads sites where you can sell used mannequins. This way you can also get a partial investment of investment which you had done while buying mannequins.

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These are few things you can consider in order to maintain your mannequin collection at your retail store. These are precious investments of your store and can help you to grow your sales and profits so you must pay extra attention to their maintenance so you can get maximum out of it.

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