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Car designing – A passion

Nowadays nobody wants that his car looks so normal and single colour and also, we can say so ordinary. Everyone wants that his car look is so attractive and have a unique design. Personally, I feel that designing the car myself is a great idea rather than to get designed with the help of automobiles designer. And If you are a car addicted then most probably you want to design the car in your own way. Now the question arises how to design the car without the help of designers. To get your answer you have to read this article thoroughly and I will assure that after reading this article you will able to design your car yourself.

Car designing software

Previously automobiles car designers used pen and paper to design and draw the sketches of cars. And this method isn’t able to bring new ideas and it wastes a lot of time to design and even to think about new design. Therefore nowadays in the arena of computers and smartphones, there is some software available which is used to design, sketch and also modeled the car. These Softwares are very useful as one can draw sketches many times and also able to delete and refresh it. You are also able to see the preview of your design in the form of images on your screen.

Best Car Designing Software

There are 2d and 3d software was available in the market. In which you are able to design the car in 2d graphics and 3d graphics also. Some of the best car designing software used by the mostly designer to design the car in 2d and 3d both are adobe photoshop, Autodesk Allies, Autodesk Showcase, Autodesk SketchBook Pro, Bunkspeed, Car Sketch Tool, HDR Light Studio, ICEM. Here I will like to discuss properties of some of the best car designing software and mainly discuss their purpose for using.


Bunkspeed is the most popular software and used for visualization software and services for design, engineering, and marketing. It is used by wide range of automobiles companies like Ford Motor Company and Jaguar etc.

Car sketch tool is the free online tool, by using this tool you can create a car drawing a perspective template, with guidelines and ellipses that represent the car basic proportions. It also allows you to see the possibility of setting the main dimensions within the 3D view.

HDR Light Studio is popularly known as the creator of HDR images which basically used for providing the virtual lighting set that mimics real studio techniques. It was mainly used to produce studio photography style computer renderings of cars.

Car designing Android App

If you want to design the car with your smartphone then there are also some android apps available in the google play store. According to some car designer experts, the best car designing app is AutoCAD 360 which is useful for study car designing and prototyping. There are also some other Android apps they are Tuning Car Designing Apps, Car Design, 1000 car tuning design and 3D Tuning. You have to download these apps into your phone and will able to preview the images, sketches etc in both 2D and 3D. So these are the things about designing I hope you will get a fair idea of how to design the car.

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