Best condominium for rent in South Pattaya : Why Rent a Condo

Best condominium for rent in South Pattaya : Why should you rent a condo in South Pattaya?

Our South Pattaya Property has a wide variety of condos to rent just for you. Allow us to get your ideas and choose just the perfect condo in South Pattaya where you are able to spend a holiday of your dreams. Just before we dive in, let us pause for a second to introduce South Pattaya in the fullest so you know what great things and new experiences are waiting for you.

Check out top places for tourism

Why should you rent a condo in South Pattaya?

Pratumnak Hill view

Pratumnak Hill view

Source of photo: depositphotos.comPratumnak Hill view

In the Pratumnak Hill neighborhood

A great oasis of calm, Pratumnak Hill with its Rotating restaurants, iconic Big Buddha statue and a gorgeous view of the whole bay and, of course, the sea. Have a walk and immerse yourself in the beautiful sight.

big buddha statue

big buddha statue

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The best Thai cuisine

Your Thailand visit will allow you to taste a very popular Thai cuisine filled with delights. Since you will be located by the sea, it is crystal clear that you can pamper your taste buds with some great sea food dishes prepared in the genuine Thai way. Also, you are able to fish in some locations so nothing is stopping you from catching the best, freshest fish and prepare it in any tasty way in the leisure of your condo in South Pattaya. Don’t Miss Washington dc

So many fun attractions!

South Pattaya gives pleasure not only for adults but for children as well. If you have children (or never stopped being one), we recommend visiting the Water theme park, Easykart tracks, some of many local shopping malls or the Underwater World Pattaya aquarium that is displaying just over 200 specimens of animals living in the sea.

Famous streets in South Pattaya – Pattayaland and the Walking Street. Buckle up for one hell of a party!

These places famous for their night life are just the best party spot you can find in the whole of Pattaya. Do you like parties that never end, a bustling life during all times of day and many, many clubs of all kinds? These streets show their colorful lights, living music, and an overall joy to each and every customer that visits them. Shut down all your stresses and just enjoy the best night of your life. The atmosphere of the place will surely get under your skin. Watch Incredibles Full Movie for free in googlewords.

Ripley’s Believe or Not!

Are you interested in the special place where you can find everything strange that wouldn’t be displayed in your regular museum? This place provides home for more than 300 exhibits of oddities and strangeness.  The place itself consists of many attractions like fun rides, 12D moving cinema, the Sky Rider Balloon, a waxworks musem, haunted palace or a famous infinity maze.

Believe It or Not!

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condominium for rent

condominium for rent

The most beautiful garden in all of Southeast Asia

Just fourteen kilometers far from South Pattaya, you are able to visit a place that you will not forget till the end of your life. The beautiful Nong Nooch Tropical Garden will mesmerize you on the first sight with its tropical flowers woven into alluring patterns and with an unmistakable romantic atmosphere. The place is so unforgettable that it is chosen by many for ceremonial life events such as marriage proposing, announcing new life or to celebrate an anniversary.

A trip to the islands

There are many local islands in South Pattaya and even more friendly locals that will take you on a trip to some of them.

For the lovers of good wine!

The area is filled with vineyards so you can travel around, meet local producers and taste many delicious types of Thai wine.

What is next?

If you would like to rent your condo in South Pattaya for a longer period of time, you can explore so much more than we have just mentioned. Believe us, we just scratched the surface! Any and every wish can be granted whether you lust for knowledge, romantic walks by the sea, exploring local flora and fauna in zoos, gardens or in the jungle, or just experience the local way of life – we have you covered.

Are you considering a holiday in South Pattaya?

In our friendly Local Real Estate market, we are devoted to answering all your questions and desires. Based on your needs, we will find only the very best condo for rent in South Pattaya.

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