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Top 3 YouTube Downloader, iTube, TubeMate, EasyTube ( Best YouTube Downloader App )

Top 3 YouTube Downloader, iTube, TubeMate, EasyTube :

Best YouTube Downloader App : YouTube is an American video-sharing website and is very popular. It is becoming popular day by day and we love to watch youtube videos and also want to download them, Thanks for these three best app for downloading and watching youtube videos very easily by just one click. There are so many apps are in the marketplace today but There are only 3 best apps to download and watch videos from youtube apps. iTube, TubeMate, EasyTube are the best competitors and the top 3 youtube downloader. In this article, we are going to tell you about each and every detail about these 3 apps.

Top 3 YouTube Downloader, iTube, TubeMate, EasyTube : 



iTube App – Best YouTube Downloader App :

iTube app allows you to download and watch videos on youtube with just a single tap. iTube app also works fine on 2G connection, so you don’t have to worry about the high-speed internet. You can download any video in any format from iTube app.

Features of iTube App :

  • You can manage you playlist easily, with deleting any video from your playlist.
  • You can search any video that you want to watch or download.
  • You can do multitasking and background play.
  • You will also get top trending recommendations.
  • You can also search any video with high accuracy.
  • You can have the capacity to adjust to your YouTube account and oversee playlists specifically on location
  • Simply Double tap on the video to zoom it out, one tap to reject controls.

TubeMate App – Best YouTube Downloader App :

TubeMate app is just like iTube app but has some different features like you can manage your download also given by many controls. TubeMate also allows you to watch youtube video online without any buffer in low connection also. You can also download video from another platform also like du clip, video, demotion and much more.

Features of TubeMate App :

  • Tubemate is also a useful YouTube alternative app which let you watch videos on your device even in a 2G internet connection.
  • Tubemate support resume download. So if you lost Internet connection or download interrupt for any reason,you can download any videos with resume supported.
  • The downloaded videos can be stored on your SD card or USB storage of the device. But you can also choose your desired location from the setting menu if you wanna change it.
  • The app has an Internal video player to playback the videos after download.
  • https youtube version is available on the new TubeMate app.
  • Watch a video with a slower Internet data connection with lower quality playback.
  • Tubemate also let you download videos from other popular video streaming websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, vuclip and much more.

EasyTube App – Best YouTube Downloader App :



 It also just like those two apps but have less and different features from iTube and TubeMate app. It allows you to sort your videos by their categories. You will also get high accurate results for the search in this app.

Features of EasyTube App:

  • You can access youtube from EasyTube app for watching videos online.
  • You can download video from youtube in any format even you can download videos in low quality or audio type format very easily.
  • You can also sort your videos by their categories.
  • Pretty good search engine is also available in an app for video downloading.
  • Download manager comes with many features and controls

We have told you everything thing about these 3 top youtube video downloader app. Now, you decide which app is best for you but we will recommend you iTube app. If you want to know how to download and install the iTube app on your android device or PC, just check our another article.

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