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Digital Transformation in Birth Certificate India – Online Birth Registration

Online Birth Registration – Digital Transformation in Birth Certificate India – Registering a Birth – My Baby Registry :

India Government seems to be on right track with launch of one of the most coveted scheme Digital India. It aims at setting up an environment (digital environment we must say) where all essential services will be delivered with help of online resources. Work has been started and today we can see ample amount of handful services that can now be accessed online seating in home itself. Be it doubling the bandwidth of existing IRTCT portal, enhancing the operational terms at passport portal or digitizing ration cards, Digital India is scoring good everywhere.

Here we will discuss about Birth Certificates which are going to be covered under this digital hood very soon. Birth certificate as the name suggests bears detail about newly born infant. It carries information like place and time of birth. Parents name, infant’s name etc. All these details are later required at various levels (school admission, adding infant to other government documents like ration card, UIDAI, passport etc).

Online Birth Certificate : Facts and Advantages – Registering a Birth – My Baby Registry :

Once birth certificate related processes are transformed and made compatible with online use, we will no longer need to rush to nearby concerned offices for registering details of newly born child. All we will need is internet enabled computer system and some scanned copies of essential documents like parent’s id cards, birth certificates etc (as these documents are essential so you must carry their digital/scanned copies with you all the time). Once the scheme is rolled out at full scale, we will be able to submit birth registration forms directly on the dedicated state’s birth certificate portal. It will not be limited to submitting registration forms only, we will be able to do many other things like modifying details in existing certificate, checking its status, delivery time etc.

online birth registration

Registering a birth – Digital Transformation in Birth Certificate

As of now Government has not set any time frame within which this process must be completed but we assume that it will require another 3-5 years for rolling it out completely. It is a national level scheme and will involve research on most of the terms. Before rolling it out completely, Government is focusing on the ways to impart sufficient digital knowledge to use such system. They will be setting up digital literacy camps which will emphasize on giving right set of digital education to the remotest of areas to teach everyone about how to use basic facilities using online portals. Once it is done, Government is going to connect all places using high speed internet connection.

After providing digital education and setting up high speed Internet Bridge, India will be ready to use all such services online and we will see a new digitally transformed India then.

Birth Registration – BDM – Baby Birth – Birth Registration Form – Online Birth Registration :

TIP: It is advised to apply for birth certificate within 21 days of the birth. If you apply after 21 days but within 30 days then you will be charged late fee. But in case you are applying after 30 days then you will need written permission from Government officers which is a lengthy process and will take a lot in terms of time and efforts. So please apply well within 21 days of the birth.

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