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In today’s world gaming is like a passion for all. It has become the best industry in the world and due to gaming, you are able to the features of computer or laptops without any consequences. Gaming is the relaxing elements and throwing anger in free time. Even big stars or celebrities found themselves playing video games like Robin Williams who named his kids Zelda and Cody after game characters. The gaming industry has grown to become a billion-dollar industry in last few years. And it seems that it will make more and more without any problems. Here are some top companies who are leading in this field those are SONY, MICROSOFT, ACTIVISION BLIZZARD etc. People try many things many things to download their latest games and find new features and updates for their latest games. But sometimes it causes harm to their phones and laptops. But not to worry there is a very interesting application which makes these kinds of stuff so easy and protective we can’t imagine it. That application is xbox for pc. You can stream these games online without any problems and you can download the games from there. XBOX is like the main hub for all games without any problems. So let’s quickly know more features about the xbox for pc. you can check also free xbox live gold codes 2018



  • It has dedicated servers for all games offered by AZURE platform where you can play up to 34 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • You can play games anywhere due to XBOX without downloading it. Because in XBOX you can play games online without any interruption.
  • In XBOX you can play games with family, friends or with anyone.
  • You can also block friends and other people from playing with you. You can block ads also.
  • You can create your own arena for playing by inviting many people.
  • XBOX opens a door to find best online gamers and to play with them.
  • By XBOX you can search playing opens to play.
  • XBOX billions of multi-player match each month and have thousands of servers which delivers maximum performance of speed, effects etc.
  • XBOX helps you to improve your reflexes and scoring rate by telling your faults and weaknesses.



To download XBOX in PCs you have first install or you should have windows 10 operating system.  If you then follow these steps to download XBOX  games.

  • Go to play store and simply search to download XBOX.
  • After getting the option you can download it an install it
  • After installing open it. And you have to make id and enter your Microsoft account.
  • Then after all these steps, your XBOX online game player is ready for use.




This application is very interesting and unique app which enables you to play your favourite games anywhere without any issue of danger to your device. This application is Microsoft application so you can this app from play store with 100% security and safety. So you should really use this application. So I hope you like my post how to download xbox for pc, Keep visiting for latest updates, Thank you

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