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Everyone has a story – Savi Sharma Book Review

Not many writers make it through the cut. Indian writers who are famous and who have written quality content are even more extinct, as it is a rare combination. So, when Savi Sharma dropped her book, no one expected much from this young and beautiful author. However, the reviews which the text got were astonishing, even crediting her as being India’s first successful self-published author. This book of hers was first self-published and after selling like hotcakes, she landed in a deal from Westland. And Bam! She is famous already.

‘Everyone Has a story’ is about a young girl Meera who is in search of a story and but has no idea where she might find it. She comes across Vivaan, a young and successful banker who has a secret desire of escaping the world in which he lives and can travel to his heart’s content when she is a busy search for a story. Then, there is a coffee shop manager Kabir, who is a good friend of Meera’s and is always encouraging her to write with her heart’s content. Kabir falls in love with Nisha, who has a story of her own and soon proposes to her.

The story

The story starts with a decent prologue, interestingly enough. The writing style is emphatic as well as poignant as she weaves in and out of the plot. The book has intense but not unpleasant bouts of emotions, heartfelt and deep ones, which will move the readers thoroughly. The narrative is enthralling as well as inspiring and simple yet honest. The conversations are easy, the plot and the characters easier to read into, with no scope for deeper analysis; it is at it is. The pace of the book is fast and thus the readers will themselves absorbed into the depth of the story in no time.

What Savi focuses on is the intensity of emotions. The author has poured out her best emotions and has vividly captured each feeling with compassion. The bond of friendship is well developed by the author, with all its intricacies, realism, sagacity, trials through the genuine essence of its meaning, value and trust. The characters might be less but they are more believable as their realistic demeanour with both flaws and good qualities project them as someone memorable and easy to embrace. They evolve throughout the storyline, which might be the appealing factor for the readers, motivating them to take a chance to achieve what they dream about and be fearless and brave in their pursuit.

Actual Plot

The plot is actually just missing and it cannot be called a plot. The characters seem to be an okay bunch but they too sometimes ended up doing things for no reason apparently. Critics felt that they lacked depth and it seemed to me that they also lacked rationality. The use of language is good. There are some sentences worth mentioning and the meaning they conveyed. But, those too were a bit overdone and ended up giving the book, a dull and monotonous tone and seem a bit too fantastical to be realistic. Characters were fairly unrealistic; they act differently in different situations. When you start with depicting a person, his character and the choices he makes must be dependent on the depiction, all throughout the story. He cannot act differently like two completely different persons.

There were certainly interesting moments in the story but they were only short lived. The climax was unrealistic too. The storyline was such that it left many questions unanswered, leaving the readers unsatisfied in some way. If some more thought would have been put into the plot and into pulling up loose ends, “Everyone Has a Story” would have fared much better than it is now.


Some people have gone forward to demotivate the author. For a new reader starting off, most won’t recommend this book. Some have comically gone ahead to say that people who are avid readers should read this book and provide her appropriate guidance and the attention for writing anything else further. She should, according to some critics, ask for criticism and forge herself in accordance, as people have seen instances of her deleting the hate comments on her social media handles.

While some showered hate, some have accepted the book as a heart-melting one. They say that “The story is too good. All characters are good except Nisha. Not only is the story too good, but it is the perfect story for loved ones also. Well planned story and the title of a story is perfect for this story…” The book, as you can see, has received mixed reviews and one just couldn’t decide on this half and half reviews – one will have to read it for themselves.

She has the gift, as almost everyone would agree; it’s just that she needs to hone it out a bit, acquire the skill to write even more beautifully. This is solely a review – people’s and readers’ views will always be different because not everyone’s opinions will ever be the same, at least when it comes to books. Most people have, in their reviews, written that they will not recommend this short and simple book, but after all, it’s your decision.


You can get this simple book on any of the delivery sites online, may it be Amazon, or Flipkart, or from her own website as well. If you are ordering this gem from the website, then make sure to use Flipkart books coupons in order to get this book at an even cheaper rate than available. There has been a sale on her books since ages on the websites, from which you could enjoy a profit.

Nonetheless, everyone has a story is not only a driving story encrypted with life’s important lessons and intellect but is highly entrancing yet heart-touching. The book is highly recommended to each and everyone, who Is looking for a way to believe in their dreams. A decent enough read. Enjoy Reading!!

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