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How you will realize when it’s time to replace your pillows & How Often Should You Replace Your Pillows – My Pillow Time

How you will realise when it’s time to replace your pillows  & How Often Should you Replace your Pillows – My Pillow Time

Pillows do not continue for a lifetime. An exhausted pillow will make you feeling tired also. Then you’ll automatically realise that it’s time to thrown away your old pillows and replace them with a new pillow. Actually, there are so many ways to realise if there is any life left in your pillows or not. Well, here some tips are given below for making your task easier.

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How Often Should you Replace your Pillows – My Pillow Time :

We know that you obviously love your favourite pillow. They have been with you for many years. They have travelled with you, supported you and shared all night with you. But do you notice that later you have to fight with them for getting the support you need? Well, it is actually a matter of sadness that sometimes-great couples don’t stay together! And maybe the time has come when you have to replace them with best pillows. You might like : Anti Aging foods Stuff & Hair Styles for Chubby Faces

Your pillows need to be like that all the time when you first brought them at home. They must provide the same support and comfort. But it is a matter of regret that it is not actually possible. Old pillows are unable to provide you the same comfort and support that new pillows provide. Since you have been using those pillows for a long time their contouring support turns into flat fluff. But if you are not sure about the supportive character of your pillow anymore; then there is a way to know if you need to replace it or not and that is the fold test. Take your pillow in hand, fold them simply and hold for 30 seconds. Then after 30 seconds remove your hand and keep the pillows down. Now, what you can see? Is your pillow going to its first position or staying folded? If your pillow remains folded then it’s time to replace them.

For increasing the lifespan of your pillows, you have to must wash it every six months. And you have to put a protector between pillow and pillow cover. Detergent and warm water will help you a lot to protect your pillows from dust mites and other bacteria. After washing your pillows it’ll resolve the allergenic factor, but it’ll not help you to keep your pillow supportive to you. After sleeping all the night, your pillow may look a little bit flat. For instance, polyester filling pillows lose their shape very soon. That’s why every morning fluffs your pillows.

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillows

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillows – my pillow time

Changing pillow covers frequently is not enough for keeping the pillows supportive and clean for a long time. Specialists recommend that everyone should replace his pillows must in every one year. But it actually depends on you. Because, if you think that your pillows have lost their life before one year then you must change your pillows.

But if you fail to realise it, then ask yourself some questions. 

Is the foam inside of the pillow rough and rugged? 

Does it remain to unfold when you fold the pillow is half? 

Does it need to be sometimes fluffed?

In case your answer is yes to any of these, then it’s time to replace your pillows with new pillows.

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When to Replace Your Pillows : 

  1. Consider waking up : You should notice that how you feel when you wake up in the morning. When your pillow will get old and lose its shape, then it’ll not be able to give your head proper rest. And you may also feel neck pain every morning. If this continues to occur for more than a week, then you must change your pillows.
  1. Analyse your pillow : Keep your pillows on the floor or a flat place. There should not be any rough and tough matter in the pillow. And you realise that every time you have to fluff it or punch it for making it supportive and comfortable then, it’s time to bring a new one.
  1. Perform the fold test : Take the pillow in your hand and fold it in half. Hold this way for 30 seconds and after that release the pillow. It takes a couple of seconds for going back to its original position. In case it remains folded, you ought to throw your pillow away.
  1. Consider the age of your pillow : Dust mites, dead skin cell, and allergens can build in your pillow with the passes of time. These things may cause significantly more than nasal blockage. These can also make your pillow to lose its shape or go flat. Replace the old pillows every few years to keep them fresh and allergen free all the time.

Ultimately, we know that it is actually very difficult to say goodbye to a classic friend. But if your health, wellness, and good night’s sleep are at stake then you must do it. Make your sleep again comfortable by buying new pillows and covers.

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