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How to Instal Mac OS High Sierra Public Beta Easily?

Mac OS is the primary and the one and only Operating System, which a Macintosh or a MacBook were ever to support. We all know it, and we have all known it since the time MacBooks came out. The Issue is How good is which version of the Mac OS. I mean obviously, we all know that the Mac OS X high Sierra is the latest one, and it is really very good, but is ever Mac Good enough to Run it? The question stays still until someone comes up with a Solution. Well, I have one for that. I’d rather recommend you to Install the Mac OS X High Sierra Public Beta first. Although it came out around 5-6 months ago, it still holds some value. So if you are looking for a place to know How to Install it, I got your back.

How to Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta Easily?

The Mac OS High Sierra brought in too many new features. This update was compatible with the MacBooks, and iMacs which came after 2009 but is that all you need to know? Don’t tell me that you don’t know How good an iPhone 6s Functions with the latest iOS 11.3. It is slow and laggy, and when you start using the Google Keyboard, it kills big time, right? The same is with the macOS (click here to download mac os x snow leopard iso) as well.

Maybe that is what Apple brought out the Mac OS High Sierra Public Beta for. And, so you know How to Install it read and follow the steps below.

Steps to Install Mac OS High Sierra Public Beta:-

  1. Backup your data: Go to System Preference and click Time Machine and start backing up your data.
  2. Go to Apple’s Beta Software Program website and enroll yourself in the program through your Apple ID.
  3. Bypass the first step if you have already made a backup of your data as mentioned above. Now click and download MacOS Public Beta Access Utility to enroll and install it.
  4. After installing the macOS Public Beta Access Utility, launch it and set it up. The final set should take you to the App Store. In case it doesn’t, head over to the Beta Software Program website and on the Step 3 page, click View MacOS Public Beta in Mac App Store.
  5. Click Download to start installing the macOS High Sierra Public Beta.
  6. Alternatively, you can head over here, to download the macOS High Sierra from the App Store.
  7. After downloading High Sierra, click on Continue and you will be taken to the next step where you have to choose where to install the public beta.
  8. During the installation, Apple will change the file system of your Mac to its new version, APFS.
  9. If you did everything right, your Mac should reboot and boot to the High Sierra Public Beta.

Simple, right? Well, even if it wasn’t I have tried making it as easy as I could. Now, after you have read it all, all I have to say is Thanks for Reading it on this blog. Also, I would suggest you to Bookmark this website for more such useful content.

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