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Which Kitchen Faucets Should I Buy?

The kitchen is the most important room in your house. Your day begins with the cup of tea or coffee that is the most energizing drink you need every morning to refresh yourself and to prepare them you have to go in the kitchen. So, your kitchen needs to be well maintained in a tranquil environment as you don’t want to see mess early morning. From breakfast to dinner kitchen plays a huge role in your livelihood. Having beautiful kitchen is also the investment in your family’s health. An aesthetically pleasing kitchen will draw your guest into the heart of your home.

Like your kitchen is the centre of attraction of your house, faucets are of your kitchenspike. Basically, a faucet is the device for regulating the flow of a liquid from a reservoir such as a pipe or a drum. Faucet can increase the glory of your kitchen. They are the frequently used device in your kitchen faucets. New-fashioned and well-designed faucet can give your kitchen a modernized look. Coruscate faucets make your kitchen brighter than before. Faucets with overhaul techniques can minimize the wastage of water. Faucets can be chosen according to the interior designing of the kitchen.

So here we introduce you to the different types of faucets available in the market.



This is the most common kind of faucet used in a kitchen. You only need a single hole in your countertop to install it. A top mounted handle will control temperature and pressure in it. A curved neck will not allow water to splash in the sink too heavily.

  • Easy to use tap.
  • Requires only one hole for installation.
  • Easily available in offline as well as online market.
  • Primitive features.



This kind of faucet is also called “two-handled” or “two holes” faucet. It has two separate handles for cold water and hot water. It needs many holes in the installation process. It is the most popular choice for the family as it has separate temperature control.

  • Separate control for hot and cold water.
  • Well designed in comparison to single hole faucet.
  • Available in both online and offline markets
  • Requires multiple holes for installation.
  • Complex designing.
  • Defects are not easily replaceable.



Widespread faucets are nearly identical to centre set faucets but instead of having everything on the same plate, widespread have individual pieces that are installed separately. They are spread in distance of 6 to 16 inches according to your convince. They are available in modern designing with new technology factor.

  • The layout can be customized according to your convince.
  • Requires multiple holes for installation.

So you have varieties of faucets like a single hole, centre set and widespread in different shape, size and colour. Faucets are the crown jewel of your kitchen faucet, you can choose them according to interior designing of your kitchen. The pros and cons we mentioned will be helpful for you to choose the most appropriate faucet for your kitchen. Faucets with such designing and modern look will make your kitchen more furnished.









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