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Isn’t its annoying to read an article full of errors and grammatical mistakes? Obviously yes.

It is very important and even suggestible to check the article or content before sending to someone or before publishing anywhere on the website. It can create a wrong impression in the eyes of viewers. It can badly impact your reputation or goodwill on the internet. No one is an expert in grammar or pin point each and every minute mistake but a lot of mistakes in the article can make it difficult to read for the viewer. One should try to avoid wrong punctuation or abbreviations in the article.


  • It makes the article difficult to read

The purpose of article for which it has written should be very clear. There should be no confusion or difficulty for the viewers to read it. Always let your article speaks. If your content includes number of mistakes then it will make difficult for the audience to read and create a bad impact of your website. Therefore, to avoid these mistakes, you can make use of the website (grammerlookup.com). It will definitely be a solution to your problem.

  • Build reputation and goodwill of the website

The articles with no grammatical mistake will up rank the quality of the website and build your reputation among all. It will show that you are dedicated and provide value to the article. On the other hand, if article consist of many grammatical mistakes, it will show you careless and degrade the value of your article which ultimately leads to create a bad impact on the audience. Therefore, it is necessary to double check the article before posting or publishing it on the website.

  • To fulfill requirements of search engines

It is important for the article to be mistake free according to the parameters of the search engines. Professionally, the article should not contain any grammar mistake to pass the approval of search engines as article with lot of grammatical mistakes don’t get approval of the search engines. The content will lose the value and will also create a barrier for the viewers. Therefore to improve the quality of the article, spell check and grammar check is utmost necessary for the website.

  • To build trust of the viewers

If the content of the website is valuable and free of grammar mistakes, it will build up trust of the viewers on your websites. A viewer will take just 3 minutes to decide whether he wants to visit the website or leave it. A good content will able to retain the viewer and attracts the new viewers on the website. On the other hand, poor language will lead to losing the existing and new customers.

  • Improves the relationship between viewer and developer

The content should be justifiable. The motive of the content should be fulfilled. The content should be written in a way that reader or the viewer can connect to it. It will lead to improvement of relationship between viewer and the content developer. The communication process ends only when there is an understanding for the consumer. A good and healthy relationship between the reader and the content developer is very necessary for up gradation of the website.

  • Decrease the risk of official claims

Mostly all the online business organizations work on a worldwide premise with a group of individuals scattered across every part of the globe. There is massive exchange of content in forms of e-mails, business letters etc. as majorly communication is in forms of written methods. Any content if consist of grammar or spelling mistakes will badly impact an important deal of yours. It may lead to miscommunication between the parties which can lead to a bad response of any of the party. It can drag the business organization in danger and official intervention. It can make the business got indulged in costly legal actions if the information provided gives false or misleading statements to the client.


We can conclude form the above mentioned points that article should be free of grammar check to avoid degradation of the website or official legal claims. Also, a good content builds up the reputation of the website. To check the content of the website, the website to check content will help you.

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