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Does Your Site Really Need CDN – What is CDN & How CDN Work

Does your Site Really need CDN ? What is CDN – How Does CDN Work ??

Cdn Free – CDN Server : CDN is a content delivery network which can boost up site speed to a great extent. In addition, it can enhance site performance especially when a website has a lot of traffic from all over the world. Now the question is whether your site really needs this network or not. Before getting an answer of this question, you have to understand what CDN is and its associated advantages and disadvantages. Once you have all such information, you are better able to understand whether you need to spend money on CDN or not. Drastic DS Emulator helps to run all types of apps on your mobile itself or on pc for free.

What is CDN ( Content Delivery Network )?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. When a website uses this network, then host copies of its resources such as images, informational data, files, etc are distributed geographically on servers. When a site visitors request the data then a server closest to the location of that visitor delivers it. Netflix is also using their own CDN & many other popular blogs are using CDN . Even this site Google Words also using CDN Features if you have any doubt fell so free to ask here using comment section below this article.

How does CDN Work ( How CDN Work ) :

CDN Advantages ( CDN CloudFlare ):

Here are main benefits a site owner can get .

  • Speed improvements: CDN distributes site data among  various geographical data centers via caching. Now when a site visitor from UK requests Data from a UAE site, then UAE data center delivers the content.  In this way, a visitor will quickly get the data. Page loading speed will be high. It also reduce network latency since there will be no delay in delivering information to the visitor.
  • Better User Experience: With the mean of fast page loading speed, you can make your customer happy. He doesn’t need to wait for information.
  • High Traffic Capacity: Site traffic will be distributed among various geographical servers, therefore your site get an ability to handle surges and spikes. This way, it increases network backbone capacity
  • Security and Reliability: Your site will not experience crashes due to traffic surges because CDN will distribute bandwidth among different servers. Copies of your site content will be stored in many serves and thus it will be protected against Trojan attacks.

Disadvantages of CDN ( CDN Server )

Here are some shortcomings of this network.

Less Control: This network is controlled by third party, so you will have less control over its servers.

Cost: You need to bear high operational costs to manage this network. You can save money by CDN price comparison and analysis. There are many resellers who give you such services; a comparison will help you pick the best offer.

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Does your Site really need a CDN?

Now you need the answer of this question. Since you have complete understanding of this network, you will be able to decide whether you have to avail this service or not. But if you are still confused then ask following question from yourself and get your quick answer.

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How much is Site Traffic?

When your site traffic is high and it comes from different geographical location then definitely you need to consider CDN. On the other hand, you don’t need it when traffic is low; especially, when you are getting only local traffic. Check CDN Power Using Free Netflix Accounts & Watch Movies without loading – Page loading will be high even at high traffic situation.

How does your site deal with surges?

Next important question is to ask whether your site tackle with surges easily or not. If the answer is no, then you really need a CDN for your site.

Does your Site deliver the best User Experience?

You create a website for your site user, it is important that he feels good about it. If he experience page speed loading issue then his experience will not be great. He won’t like to come back to your site again. So, the best way to enhance your user experience is to have a CDN


Still have some questions? Feel free to ask.

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