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What is Link Building – Link Building Techniques 2016 & SEO Tricks ??

What is Link Building ?? – Link Building Techniques 2016 & SEO Tricks , Tips & Solutions : 

Link Building is the Major Seo Technique which usually called as Off Page Optimization . Understanding the process of Link Building is quite frustrating but it is so useful to rank in Google , Bing , Yahoo , Yandex , duckduckgo etc.., It is the most important SEO techniques to get lots and lots of Organic Traffic to Blog / Website . To know how to start a blog for free for new blogging bees visit : successfully setup a free blog.  Here i am gonna explain how to get huge organic traffic & in organic traffic techniques which are involved in the Process of Link Building. To know more about ranking factors of web world just proceed with my links and images provided.

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Link Building Techiniques 2016What is Link Building SEO & it’s Tricks, Tips & Solutions :

In my Previous Blog Post of Blogging Category i told you about different types of SEO and it’s techniques. By using Link Building Strategies you don’t get lots and lots of traffic at first but it helps to get traffic a lot and makes your pages index fast .

Why We need to Build Links to Website or Blog – Link Building Techniques 2016 ??

link building techniques

Simply Saying Just to Rank in Google or Bing or Any Other Search Engine Because of the Google Page Rank Algorithm ( Google PR Algorithm ) or Bing Rank Algorithm or Other. This Algorithms are just similar to the Voting or Election Process like in local Areas. More Votes you get more you will rank Likewise More Links You got to your Website/Blog more your blog will rank in Google or Bing or Yandex or Any Other. But make sure you build Quality Backlinks which means Getting Links from the websites which are similar to yours Blog/Website.

Benefits of Link Building SEO – Link Building Advantages ( Uses of Link Building ):

To Rank in Google SERP or Bing SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Pages ) or Any Other you need Link Building. Going into Brief and Simple Discussion you will know about all the advantages , uses of Building Links. To know Just Proceed with Below GoogleWords of GoogleWords.Net .

Increase in Google SERP – Bing SERP – Yahoo SERP – Yandex SERP or Other Search Engine SERP :

I already said to you that SERP means Search Engine Ranking Pages. This Link Building will help you to rank in Google SERP or Any Other Search Engine ‘s SERP.

Fast Indexing in Google or Any Other Search Engine : By Having your website/blog in other Quality sites. You will be indexed quickly because When Search Engine Crawls the Popular Website , it will also crawls and considers your link so that your website link will be indexed fastly.

link building techniques

Increase in Page Rank & Domain Authority of the Websites or Blogs

Increase in Trustiness – Increase in Trustworthiness : Suppose if  High Quality and Populated Websites/Blogs has your Blog/Blog Links then the Google or Any Other Search Engine will treat that Pages are Safe so everyone can use. This is done by the Google just to get users away from the Malware Activities.

Easy Promotion for Business : Getting Popular easily just by following some seo tasks and Web technologies. Ranking in Google really makes you so popular.

Good Traffic to Your Website / Blog : Google likes to promote websites / blogs which are having links with high – quality back links and shows your content in some top ranking positions of Google.

Most Popular Link Building Strategies to have lots of inbound links and Outbound Links :

  • High Quality Articles / Posts ( On Page SEO Optimization ): Writing an Article using SEO standards by keeping Google Panda , Google PR Algorithm in the Mind.
  • Guest Postings / Guest Article Submissions : Writing Articles for other websites and getting links from them.
  • Create Infographics : Creating Infographics will attract users easily. Those are so Eye Catchy , so better to use those at some spots or pages.
  • Social Directory Submissions / Posting
  • Article Directory Submissions / Posting
  • Getting GOV and EDU Backlinks ( .Edu , .Gov Links ) : Education and Government Websites are really encouraging by google so getting it’s links will index & rank your links fast , so better have those atleast some.
  • Following Do Follow Blogs / Websites 
  • Comments on Blogs : By Commenting on High Quality Sites you will be ranked in google faster.
  • Posting Links to Social Media : Postings your Website links in Social Media like Google+ , Twitter , Facebook , Quora , Pinterest etc.., will get you some traffic along with ranking factors of Search Engines.

That’s it GoogleWords User . Thanks for being all the time here. This is all about Link Building Strategies , What is Link Building.

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