[ WhatsApp Banned in Brazil Again ] – Nation Wide

[ WhatsApp Banned in Brazil Again ] – Nation Wide :

WhatsApp Banned : Reason behind the ban of WhatsApp Messenger is ” WhatsApp don’t helps in Police Investigation “. Daniela Barbosa ( Judge of Rio de Janeiro ) ordered that WhatApp Should be Blocked in our Nation Immediately due to the social security purposes & For the Safety of People. And this thing will happen when notified all the phone companies just once.

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WhatsApp Banned Country – Brazil Again Banned WhatsApp Application :

The One Who bought WhatsApp Messenger ( FaceBook Owner ) didn’t commented on some of the settings of the app when the Judge/Court asks. So the Banning of the WhatsApp again happened in Brazil Nation . Judge Barbosa asked WhatsApp Owner ( Facebook Owner Mark Zukerberg ) that ” Intercept Messages through a Service ” in order to help in a Criminal Probe outside Rio which is actually the city of Caxias . But WhatsApp Owner thinking about the personal security so he is not accepting the deal/order.

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whatsapp banned

Judges Order List Passed / Claimed to the FaceBook Owner Mark Zukerberg :

  • Earlier this Year , Northeastern state of Alagoas Judge ordered the same thing in an another case – but in may appeal against whatsapp ban is accepted.
  • Now the Order is Processing by Barbosa

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At First , FaceBook Owner neglected some of the court’s orders so the account ban proceeded. This is happened due to the courst which is thinking like ” WhatsApp Owner not helping the Criminal Case investigation Purposes “. But the most Famous Messaging App Owner thing about the privacy & the security . But the Court is thinking about the justice. We have to see what are things happens in the next days . Does Court accepts the appeal again whatsapp ban again or else Bans WhatsApp continuously.

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